Points of interest in the Black Forest

Gültlinger und Holzbronner Heiden & Gebersack   Gültlinger und Holzbronner Heiden & Gebersack
Beautiful countrysides
Juniper heathlands are already familiar to those visiting the Swabian Alb on weekends. However, only few are aware of the fact that such attractive landscapes can also be found elsewhere in Baden Württemberg – for example in the shelly limestone areas of the “Bauland” or in the Heckengäu (Enz District) and in the district of Calw.
The nature reserves "Gültlinger and Holzbronner Heathlands" and "Gebersack" are located approx. 10 km south of the district town of Calw and to the east of the Nagold valley where the Heckengäu meets the Black Forest.
A detailed folding map can be obtained at Calw Tourist Office.

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