The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany

With a total of 7860 square kilometers the Black Forest along with the upper Rhine valley is the warmest region between North Sea and the alps. In this place you'll find best conditions for hiking across the large woods and relaxing at one of the beautiful lakes like the Titisee, the Schluchsee or the Mummelsee. Alternatively you may visit the alpine-like ravines of the Wutach, the Whera, Elz, Kinzig or the Dreisam.

Enjoy the impressive view from the Feldberg (1493 m) or the Belchen (1414 m) to the Rhine valley, the Vosges or the Alps as another clou of your visit - very well worth seeing on sunrise and sunset.


Down here, in the very south-west of the german state, you reside where Germany, France and Switzerland share their borders - offering a wide variety of culture, entertainment, culinary delight, wine and lifestyle.

An amazing experience is a jaunt with the Schwarzwald railway, which loops around innumerable rocks and tunnels from Offenburg to Villingen. The "street of wine" in Baden is the connection to Alsace, France, which is not only worth being seen but being tasted as well. As a further adventure you may have a ride on the steam locomotive railways at Blumberg (Sauschwänzlebahn - "pig tail railway") or Kandern.

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful, romantic and manifold vacation regions of Germany. 

In the Black Forest you may climb, do sports like Nordic Walking, take part in mountain tours and visit motorcycle routes, having fun in hot springs or open-air swimming pools and spend time in animal parks.


Wintertime in the Black Forest offers you almost boundless possibilities like taking sleigh rides in the snow covered forest, doing cross country skiing, Alpine skiing and snowboarding, while tarrying a few days in a skiing lodge, and, of course, enjoy the après-ski.

In summer you'll come across lot's of traditional parties in the villages - enjoy music, dance and regional food specialities like the Black Forest Ham, the Black Forest cherry-chocolate cake, and, last but not least, the famous variety of beers and wines from the breweries and vintagers of the Rhine valley.

As a matter of fact - to experience the Black Forest makes you understand why a lot of people decide to stay here for the rest of their lifes, once they've seen, tasted and lived the Black Forest lifestyle.