Ihr Traumurlaub im Schwarzwald
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Auf dem Hofertonihof Familie Huber - Bad Peterstal

The Hofertonihof
Our farm has been active for more than 100 years.
The name "Hofertoni" goes back to Anton Hoferer, by now the great-great grandfather of the youngest offspring.

Grassland and forest cultivation as well as tourism are part of our activities. Our guests can relax in two quiet vacation rentals with sunny terraces that feel like home.

The 55-ha large area features restful forests and colorful meadows that invite to leisurely walks and invigorating hikes.

A small children's playground, a sunbathing lawn, and a playing field as well as a BBQ station are close to the house.

The water treading pool with arm dip basin were created exclusively for our vacation guests for relaxing and undisturbed Kneipp treatments and the opportunity for our small guests to splash about in the water.

Vacation on a Farm - find out about life on a farm!
Approx. 25 Sika deer call the green pastures of the Hofertoni farm and an approx. 3-hectare enclosure their home. Two smaller meadows are grazing grounds for our sheeps. The crowing and clucking comes from our rooster and his hens.

Join in the family fun of feeding and observing these animals. Or become friends with our cats Mienz and Trille and the farm dog Waldi. If you wish to find out more about the animals in our forests, you are welcome to use the raised stand and join the local forest ranger.

It is also possible to help during haymaking, in the farm garden, or the distillation of liquor during the winter months.


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holiday home (2-4 persons)
from € 45.00 (high season)
from € 45.00 (low season)

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