Ihr Traumurlaub im Schwarzwald
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Zipline Area Black Forest Hirschgrund

At Eye-Level with the Black Forest

The Hirschgrund Zipline Area is located in the terrific scenery of the Kinzig Valley. The zipline parcour consists of 7 ziplines and will lead you on a loop road over steep rock slopes and valleys, hills and creeks. The ziplines are connected with each other via picturesque paths and platforms. Although each zipline has its own character: longing from a relaxed glide on the "Kimmigberg" zipline until the ultimate flight with the "Gründle" zipline. With 570 meters of length and 83 meters of heigth our "Gründle" zipline is the longest nature-zipline in Germany. After this a short walk back to the parking area helps you to sort your new experiences. There is no way of experiencing the Black Forest more directly. Therefore the nature protection during the construction of the Hirschgrund Ziplines area and also now in operation mode is very important to us.

"You rush through the air with a breathtaking speed. The forest shrinks beneath you, your heart jumps. The trees look like stars from above, the air stream takes daily routine away and a big portion of adrenalin is rushing through your veins. This is how we would describe a ride with the Hirschgrund Ziplines. Ok, admittedly, this is not the whole truth – in reality, ziplining feels a whole lot better. It is a little bit like an action movie in which you have the star role. "