Ihr Traumurlaub im Schwarzwald
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Monks, Merchants and Hesse

The Black Forest has some of the most beautiful scenery in Germany and is a very popular tourist destination, well-known throughout the world.
The town of Calw is a gateway to this idyllic area, nestled in the Nagold valley, between the “Gäu” area with its hills, meadows and hedgerows and the extensive coniferous woods of the Central/Northern Black Forest National Park. Only a few steps away from the market place the municipal woods begin, almost seamlessly connecting the town centre with the Black Forest. In 1595, Professor Martin Crusius of Tübingen wrote: ”The town is quite beautiful. However, where the sun sets (in the west), the hills are so close that one could imagine throwing a stone from there to the market place.“

Calw’s Way of Life – Spoil yourself in Style
Strolling the streets, shopping, relaxing and enjoying the cultural delights all belong to Calw’s way of life.
The little shops, street cafés, galleries and pubs blend harmoniously with the historical walls and half-timbered houses in the old part of the town, creating an impressive ambience full of atmosphere. In summer, a waft of Mediterranean flair lies over the town and invites the visitor to tarry a while. An ideal place for shopping, relaxation and enjoyment.

The historical market place has a lively but relaxing atmosphere. The produce from the vast garden of the Northern Black Forest is on full display at the colourful weekly market and in the numerous hotels and restaurants. It is difficult to imagine a visit to the Black Forest without relishing local trout and smoked Black Forest bacon or ham, or a Kirsch schnaps and the famous Black Forest gateau.
Enjoy the hospitality of this town - it is a town one can’t help but love!

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