Ihr Traumurlaub im Schwarzwald
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Calw the Half-timbered Town

Calw is one of 25 towns located along the South German regional route of the German Framework Road, which leads from Mosbach in the Neckar valley to Haslach in the Black Forest.
Numerous impressive half-timbered houses in the market place, in Lederstrasse and in the narrow, steep alleyways allow the medieval town of the past to live on in the townscape of today.
More than 200 buildings of the late 17th century are listed buildings. The ground plan of the town dates back to the 13th and 14th century, as the former foundation walls and cellars were used to rebuild the town after it was destroyed in the great fires. Stroll through the alleys and narrow streets of our town, marvel at the wide variety of South German half-timbered constructions and feel the spirit of bygone days.

Group Bookings (all year long):
Duration: approx. 1 ¼ hour
Prices : refer to “Historical Tour of the Town“

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