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Mundenhof Zoo

Welcome to the Mundenhof Animal Nature Adventure Park, the largest animal enclosure in Baden-Württemberg

The Mundenhof in Freiburg is an animal-nature adventure park that specialises in keeping domestic and farm animals from all over the world. With 38 hectares, it is the largest animal enclosure in Baden-Württemberg and offers visitors a diverse experience with animals, nature and culture.

The Mundenhof was founded in 1968 as an urban farm and has since become a popular destination for families, school classes and animal lovers. It is open around the clock and there is no entrance fee, only parking is charged. The Mundenhof is also a place of education and environmental protection, informing visitors about the importance of biodiversity, the endangerment of many animal species and the possibilities of sustainable agriculture.

More than 30 different animal species live on the grounds of the Mundenhof, housed in spacious enclosures. The animals are kept in a manner appropriate to their species and behaviour and receive individual care from the animal keepers. Among the attractions are Javanese monkeys, beech martens, steppe cattle, camels, llamas, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. Visitors can observe the animals up close and accompany them when they are fed. Feeding is strictly prohibited, however, as the animals require a special diet.

Besides the animals, the Mundenhof also offers many other things for visitors to do. There is a playground, a petting zoo, a farm garden, a herb garden, a bee nature trail, a barefoot trail and a forest nature trail. There is also a farm restaurant with a beer garden serving homemade delicacies. The Mundenhof is also a venue for cultural events such as concerts, theatre, markets and festivals. The Mundenhof is thus an ideal place for a varied and educational excursion into nature.