Ihr Traumurlaub im Schwarzwald
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Triberger Waterfall

Germany's highest waterfalls

An extraordinary sight awaits visitors in Triberg - Germany's highest waterfalls. At an impressive 163 metres, the Gutach cascades down into the valley in seven foaming steps.

Along the paths, descriptive boards provide information about the rich fauna, flora and special features of the waterfall area. An additional highlight are the numerous squirrels that romp along the paths and enrich the experience of nature.

The main entrance to the waterfalls can be easily reached on foot from the town centre, but there are also four other entrances offering access from different sides. Well signposted car parks in the city centre make it easy to get here.

The waterfalls are particularly attractive in the evening, when they are illuminated until around 22:00 and create a fascinating atmosphere. An absolute must for nature lovers and fans of impressive waterfalls.