Points of interest in the Black Forest

Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte / Nord e.V.   Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte / Nord e.V.
National Park Central / Northe
Calw is situated within one of the most beautiful hill country areas – the Black Forest.
Its breathtaking landscape is an ideal place for hiking and a multitude of other leisure activities.
In order to preserve its natural beauty, the environment and its recreational resources, the National Park of the Central and Northern Black Forest e. V. was founded in the year 2000.
102 communities, 7 regional and 2 town districts as well as 11 community groups belong to this association. It comprises the Northern Black Forest from Pforzheim to the river Kinzig and the Northern part of the Central Black Forest. With approx. 360,000 ha it is Germany’s largest national park.
The national park was founded in order to further develop the Black Forest in an ecologically compatible manner and to maintain and preserve this exemplary recreational area. To achieve this, high quality standards have been set.
Come and visit the national park and experience its manifold landscapes and people. Explore the possibilities it offers for quiet relaxation as well as its great variety of leisure opportunities. On account of the pure nature it offers and the development of an extensive network of hiking trails it is a hiker’s paradise.

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